PracticePlus is an ongoing KODAK Lens product-support program designed to enhance the practice of independent vision care professionals. The program provides $10 for every pair of KODAK Progressive lenses sold, along with other tools, like dispenser training and lens demonstration materials, to help you build your practice. Click on How does the PracticePlus program work to learn more.

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    If you are already a PracticePlus member, you will need to register on-line to gain access to this area. Please click on Enroll to register. If you are not a PracticePlus member, you too may sign up by selecting Enroll.

    As a PracticePlus on-line member, you can create and submit claims. Access your individual claims account information, and view your PracticePlus earnings to date. Also, you are able to order KODAK Lens literature and Point of Sale materials.

   To participate in on-line PracticePlus, even if you may already be a member, you will need to click here to enroll. An overview of the program is presented, along with enrollment forms, and eligibility requirements.

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